Spare Room

Spare Room

In order to create a smartphone application that makes it easier to identify and rent spare rooms in urban areas. The purpose of the app was to match potential tenants looking for economical housing options with homeowners who have spare rooms available.

1. User Verification and Trust

Building user trust through confirming rental listings and tenant profiles is a challenge.

Solution: A multi-step verification process was implemented for landlords and tenants, including background checks, the use of government-issued IDs for identification verification, and digital signatures for rental agreements.

2. Accuracy in Geolocation

Providing correct geographical information for real estate listings and search results is a challenge.

Solution: To improve location accuracy, a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi triangulation, and geocoding services was used. homeowners who are building listings now have easy-to-use location selection features.

3. Security of Payment and Transaction

Developing a trustworthy and secure payment mechanism for rental transactions is a challenge.

Solution: To protect financial data and transactions, secure payment gateways were used, encryption methods were put into place, and comprehensive penetration testing was done.

4. User Retention and Engagement

Challenge: Encouraging ongoing app engagement and usage from both landlords and tenants.

To help users communicate, a feature-rich messaging system was added to the app as a solution. Push alerts for messages and updates on property availability have been implemented.

5. Scalability

Getting the platform ready for a prospective, significant increase in the number of users and listings.

To manage the increased traffic and data volume, a scalable architecture using cloud-based services, load balancing, and database sharding was designed. Performance of the server is regularly monitored, and resource distribution is optimized.

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