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Why hire an internal Design and Development Team, when you can have an entire team of Designers and Developers for a fraction of the cost

Where Our Legacy Meets the App Development Heritage

“Our company’s heritage seamlessly aligns with the rich narrative of app development evolution.”. Much like the journey of app development itself, we’ve witnessed and contributed to the transformative narrative of this dynamic field. Having accumulated years of expertise in the iOS/iPhone application development field, we’ve mastered the art of crafting exceptional iOS applications. Our team of iOS app developers excels at transforming your concepts into fully realized iOS applications that captivate from the very beginning.

  • Wider Reach: iOS is a popular mobile platform used by millions of people worldwide. Developing an iOS app allows you to tap into a large and diverse user base.
  • Higher Revenue Potential: iOS users tend to spend more on app purchases and in-app transactions compared to users on other platforms. This can lead to higher revenue generation for your app.
  • Security: Apple has strict guidelines and a robust review process for apps, which can help ensure that your app is secure and less vulnerable to malware.
  • User Loyalty: iOS users often exhibit strong brand loyalty, and having an app can help you engage with your audience more effectively, potentially leading to higher customer retention rates

Apps Documentation

For a project to succeed from the beginning, its foundation must be solid. The documentation phase fills that gap and comprises details on the technology stack, competitive analysis, target segmentation and more.

App Wireframing

Every software needs a design foundation with user elements placed tactically. Wireframes, the next stage, are where we design the user interface and experience.

App Design & Prototyping

Now the sketches start to come to life. The conceptual drawings develop into real designs that will be displayed to the public. The Design is then converted into a prototype which increases our work but provide ease for our client which is the priority. Be ready to experience the app like an end user.

App Development & Deployment

The public can now download the app from here onwards. The idea has now been fully realized as an app, with each element given the best aesthetic and tactile appeal and a smooth user experience. The time has come to take off!

Why should you partner with Inventix?

We at inventix won’t just create the best apps because that can be done by thousands of companies instead, we try to act as partners helping you filter the best pick of features, target segmentation, competitive analysis, and creating an MVP that can get you a seed funding round. We do understand that operating a business requires money so we can also advise

Cutting-edge tools
that drive performance

If your technology is draining resources rather than optimizing them, we can get you back on track. A professionally managed services provider can give you the decisive edge to:

App Vision Enhancement

Having an idea is just a start, refining the idea based on market research brings in success. Our team brainstorm and consult on refining your app vision.

App Design

For end users, the experience of navigation is most significant. We create design based on your target market.

App Development

Ever heard of apps being crashed or having bugs?. Following development standards is important and our team is always up to date on latest technologies.

App Deployment

Once developed, we act as your agent to communicate with Apple, Google and Hosting Server to get your app love for the world.

Investment Deck

Every new idea requires an investment after MVP development or for a bigger launch. We create a complete investment deck which improves your investment pitch.

App Management

Creating an app is like constructing a building. After construction it requires regular maintenance. We at Inventix ensures your app runs smoothly so you can focus on your business.

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