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Review Tracker Inc. contacted to create a set of web and mobile applications that would enable companies to manage online reviews and consumer feedback across numerous platforms. The project’s goal was to give companies a thorough and simple way to enhance their internet reputation.

1. Aggregation and Integration of Data

Getting evaluations and feedback from many internet sources, such as social media, review websites, and platforms dedicated to a given industry, is a challenge.

To gather data from various sources, Inventix developed proprietary web crawlers and APIs. For simple monitoring and management, the data was then centralized, processed, and presented in a single dashboard.

2. Analyzing Real-Time Feedback

Providing organizations with real-time sentiment analysis and consumer feedback insights is a challenge.

Natural language processing (NLP) methods were built by Inventix to assess and categorize attitudes in reviews. Businesses were notified instantly of both favorable and negative comments, enabling prompt reactions.

3. Scalability

Making sure the platform could handle an increasing amount of data and users as the client added more clients posed a challenge.

Solution: The development team created an elastically scaleable cloud-based architecture. This made sure the platform could manage more user accounts and data loads without sacrificing efficiency.

4. Information and Analysis

Providing businesses with configurable reporting features and relevant information is a challenge.

Inventix included a reporting engine that enabled companies to create specialized reports based on their unique requirements. These reports offered perceptions on patterns, consumer attitudes, and potential development areas.

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