1. Booking based on location

Providing users with the ability to search for and reserve available office space, conference space, and co-working spaces in Regus centers throughout the world is a challenge.

Inventix integrated a geolocation system and created a powerful search algorithm that let users identify and reserve rooms based on their present location or stated criteria, including city or facility type.

2. Convenient Design

Designing an easy and aesthetically pleasing interface that serves Regus’ varied clientele, which includes business owners, independent contractors, and corporate teams, is a challenge.

Solution: To improve the design, the UX/UI design team carried out in-depth research, produced wireframes and prototypes, and conducted usability tests. The end product was a user-friendly layout that made navigation simple and the booking process quick.

3. Cross-Platform Support

Providing a consistent user experience across web platforms, iOS, and Android mobile apps is a challenge.

To reduce duplication in code development and preserve consistency in user experience across all platforms, Inventix used a cross-platform development framework.

Results and Interpretation

The web platform and smartphone apps for Regus created by Inventix revolutionized the way Regus clients book workspace. Regardless of their location or device, users could easily identify, reserve, and manage office spaces and resources in real-time.

Clients gave the user-friendly interface, real-time availability features, and intuitive design positive reviews. User satisfaction was further increased by the easy payment process and platform compatibility.

Through this project, Inventix was able to demonstrate its proficiency in tackling difficult design and development problems in the workspace management sector. The popularity of the Regus applications served as a reminder of how important user-centric design, real-time data synchronization, and strong security controls are when developing beneficial digital solutions for customers in the flexible workspace industry.

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