In order to develop a set of mobile applications and a web platform that would completely transform the real estate market, RealtorPro teamed up with Inventix. The project sought to offer a smooth, feature-rich experience for property search, listings, and transactions for agents, homebuyers, and sellers.

1. Vast Real Estate Database

Managing and displaying a sizable, dynamic database of real estate listings, complete with information on price, location, and photographs, is a challenge.

Solution: Inventix created a scalable cloud-based database architecture that made it possible for property data to be stored, retrieved, and updated in real time. For quick loading, this includes enhanced image handling.

2. Design for User Experience

Designing a user-friendly and visually appealing interface that meets the needs of real estate agents, homebuyers, and sellers, each with specific requirements, is a challenge.

The UX/UI design team carried out thorough research, generated personas, and produced wireframes and prototypes as a solution. User-centric navigation, expedited property searches, and customized user dashboards were prioritized in the final design.

3. Instantaneous Property Alerts

Real-time alerts for new real estate listings and status updates for existing properties are a challenge.

Inventix came up with a notification system that let customers create unique notifications based on budget, property type, and location. These notifications were sent by email and push notifications.

4. Incorporating MLS Data

Integrating with many MLS (Multiple Listing Service) databases to acquire the most thorough property data is a challenge.

Solution: To make sure that property listings were current and accurate, the development team created APIs that could safely access MLS data.

5. Geolocation and Map Integration Services

Providing customers with geolocation and property search options based on maps is a challenge.

Because Inventix incorporated mapping services, customers can now explore properties on an interactive map and filter searches based on where they are. Users were able to identify neighboring properties with ease thanks to geolocation features.

6. Management of Transactions

Managing real estate transactions, including document signing and payment processing, is a challenge that agents and clients must overcome.

Solution: To streamline the purchasing and selling process, Inventix incorporated a secure transaction management system that enabled digital document signing and payment processing.

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