Inventix’s Success with PUBG in Player Retention in the Asia Market through Digital Commercial Featuring Shoaib Akhtar, Influencer Partnership, and Digital Marketing Campaign

Client Overview:

PUBG Corporation, a leading developer and publisher in the gaming industry, sought to enhance player retention in the fiercely competitive Asia market. Despite initial success, PUBG faced challenges in maintaining engagement and retaining players over time, prompting the need for a strategic marketing initiative.


PUBG Corporation aimed to bolster player retention in the Asia market amidst intense competition from other gaming titles. The company sought to revitalize interest in the game and strengthen player engagement through innovative marketing strategies.


Inventix collaborated closely with PUBG Corporation to develop a multifaceted approach centered around a digital commercial featuring renowned sports legend Shoaib Akhtar, influencer partnerships, and a targeted digital marketing campaign:
  1. Market Analysis and Audience Insights:
  2. Inventix conducted comprehensive market analysis and audience research to gain insights into gaming preferences and behavior patterns among players in the Asia market. This data informed the development of tailored marketing strategies.
  3. Creative Conceptualization and Digital Commercial Production:
  4. Leveraging the insights gained from market analysis, Inventix collaborated with PUBG Corporation to conceptualize a captivating digital commercial. The commercial featured Shoaib Akhtar, a beloved sports figure with a massive fan following in the Asia region, engaging in exhilarating PUBG gameplay. The commercial emphasized the adrenaline-fueled excitement and camaraderie fostered by PUBG’s multiplayer experience.
  5. Influencer Partnership:
  6. Recognizing the power of influencer marketing, Inventix facilitated a strategic partnership between PUBG Corporation and popular gaming influencers in the Asia market. These influencers, known for their expertise and influence within the gaming community, promoted PUBG through gameplay streams, tutorials, and endorsements, fostering trust and credibility among their followers.
  7. Digital Marketing Campaign:
  8. Inventix devised a targeted digital marketing campaign spanning various online platforms, including social media, gaming forums, and streaming platforms. The campaign utilized engaging content, interactive experiences, and targeted advertising to reach PUBG’s target audience and drive player engagement. Additionally, personalized email marketing campaigns were deployed to re-engage lapsed players and incentivize return visits.
  9. Implementation and Optimization:
  10. The digital commercial featuring Shoaib Akhtar was launched across digital platforms, garnering widespread attention and generating buzz among gaming enthusiasts. Influencer partnerships facilitated authentic engagement and advocacy within the gaming community. Real-time monitoring and optimization of the digital marketing campaign ensured maximum reach, engagement, and effectiveness.


The collaboration between Inventix and PUBG Corporation yielded significant results:
  • Increased Player Retention: The integrated marketing approach successfully revitalized interest in PUBG among players in the Asia market, leading to improved player retention and engagement.
  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: The digital commercial featuring Shoaib Akhtar captured the attention of audiences, effectively showcasing PUBG’s thrilling gameplay experience and strengthening brand visibility and recognition.
  • Influencer Advocacy: Influencer partnerships contributed to authentic engagement and advocacy within the gaming community, driving positive sentiment and encouraging player loyalty.
  • Measurable Impact: The digital marketing campaign generated measurable results, including increased website traffic, app downloads, and player activity, underscoring the effectiveness of the strategic marketing initiatives.
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