Open Table


To improve user experience and increase their online visibility, Inventix collaborated with OpenTable, a top restaurant reservation network, to revamp and create their website and mobile apps. This case study describes the major difficulties faced throughout the project and how Inventix successfully overcame them.

1. Legacy Code Understanding:

  • Challenge: The development team found it difficult to comprehend and effectively use the existing codebase due to its size and complexity.
  • The answer: Inventix carried out a thorough code review and documentation procedure. To help engineers comprehend and make improvements, they produced clear and thorough documentation for the existing codebase, which included architecture diagrams and code comments.


  • Challenge: It was difficult to transfer a sizable amount of historical data from the old system to the new one without any data loss or corruption.
  • Solution: Inventix came up with a workable solution by
    carefully purifying, transforming, and validating the data before migrating it. To ensure a smooth transfer, they also executed numerous rollback tests and dry runs.

Automated Regression Testing:

  • Challenge: Effective regression testing was necessary to sustain a rapid development pace while ensuring that new features and updates did not cause regression problems.
  • Solution: Automated regression testing with Inventix using testing frameworks and scripts is the solution. In order to facilitate quick feedback and issue discovery, they set up a
    continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipeline to automatically perform regression tests following each code change.
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