In order to improve their clients’ shopping experiences, NY&C teamed with Inventix to update and expand their current web platform and mobile applications (for iOS and Android). A fluid, user-friendly interface, effective inventory management, and enhanced personalization features were all objectives of the project.

1. Extensive Product Catalog

Managing and presenting a sizable and frequently updated catalog of clothing and accessories, complete with photographs, sizes, costs, and availability, is a challenge.

Solution: To effectively handle the storage, retrieval, and real-time changes of product data, Inventix designed a scalable database architecture. Advanced search algorithms made sure that customers could find the things they were looking for promptly.

2. Instantaneous inventory updates

Real-time availability, size, color, and price information for products for users is a challenge.

In order to ensure that users always saw accurate and current information, Inventix integrated real-time inventory management and pricing synchronization with NY&C’s internal systems.

3. Consistency Across Platforms

Keeping the shopping experience similar across online and mobile platforms (iOS and Android) is a challenge.

To guarantee consistency in the user experience, Inventix used a cross-platform development framework and responsive design concepts. Both the web platform and the mobile apps shared the same codebase.

4. Individualization and Suggestions

Challenge: Improving the personalisation options, such as product suggestions based on user activity, past purchases, and fashion preferences.

Solution: To assess user interactions, browsing history, and purchasing habits, Inventix deployed machine learning algorithms. Personalized product recommendations and carefully selected collections were created using these findings.

Results and Interpretation

The web platform and mobile apps for NY&C created by Inventix completely changed how people purchase online. Consumers might simply learn about, browse, and buy fashion and apparel products.

Customers gave the user-friendly layout and simple interface great marks. Customer involvement and happiness have grown as a result of the personalized recommendations and real-time inventory updates.

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