To improve the delivery experience for their customers, couriers, and partner stores, Glovo worked with Inventix to update and expand their current suite of mobile applications (iOS and Android). The project’s goals were to facilitate global expansion by offering a seamless, user-friendly interface, effective order administration, and better scalability.

1. Complex Order Management

Developing a reliable system for order placement, tracking, and delivery while taking into account various factors including location, courier availability, and current traffic conditions is a challenge.

Solution: Inventix created a dynamic order management system that made use of real-time traffic information, AI-driven routing algorithms, and geolocation services. This made order tracking and dispatching efficient.

2. Geolocation and tracking in real-time

Giving consumers accurate real-time geolocation data so they can track their orders and couriers can navigate more effectively is a challenge.

As a result of the integration of sophisticated geolocation services and map APIs by Inventix, both customers and couriers may now benefit from accurate tracking. To improve delivery routes, real-time location updates were given.

3. Scalability

Making sure the platform could manage an increasing number of orders and users as Glovo entered new areas posed a challenge.

Solution: Using containerization and auto-scaling features, the development team created a scalable cloud-based architecture. The platform’s performance during times of heavy demand and its growth into new regions were therefore guaranteed.

4. Management and Rewards for Couriers

The difficulty is in creating a thorough system for hiring couriers, scheduling them, and rewarding them.

Solution: Glovo was able to efficiently hire, schedule, and reward couriers thanks to the integration of a dashboard for courier administration. To encourage couriers, incentive programs and earnings tracking were included.

Results and Interpretation

Customers, couriers, and partner stores now have a completely new on-demand delivery experience thanks to the Glovo mobile apps and web platform created by Inventix. Orders could be placed and tracked easily by customers, and delivery could be made more quickly because to couriers’ effective navigation.

All user segments expressed satisfaction with the intuitive interface and user-friendly design. Customer satisfaction grew as a result of accurate order management and real-time tracking.

This project served as a demonstration for Inventix’s proficiency in tackling difficult design and development problems in the on-demand delivery sector. The Glovo apps’ success served as a reminder of how crucial user-centric design, real-time data integration, and secure payment processing are to developing effective digital solutions for international delivery platforms.

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