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In order to improve their clients’ shopping experiences, NY&C teamed with Inventix to update and expand their current web platform and mobile applications (for iOS and Android). A fluid, user-friendly interface, effective inventory management, and enhanced personalization features were all objectives of the project.

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To improve the delivery experience for their customers, couriers, and partner stores, Glovo worked with Inventix to update and expand their current suite of mobile applications (iOS and Android). The project’s goals were to facilitate global expansion by offering a seamless, user-friendly interface, effective order administration, and better scalability.

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To improve the shopping experience for their diverse consumer base, ASOS hired Inventix to rebuild and develop their current mobile applications (iOS and Android) and a responsive online platform. A cutting-edge, user-friendly layout, frictionless shopping and checkout processes, and better personalization options were all goals of the project.

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Managing and displaying a sizable, dynamic database of travel-related activities, complete with information on descriptions, costs, and consumer feedback, is a challenge.

In order to effectively store, retrieve, and update activity data in real time, Inventix designed a scalable database architecture. Advanced search algorithms made it possible for users to quickly identify pertinent activity.

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In order to develop a set of mobile applications and a web platform that would completely transform the real estate market, RealtorPro teamed up with Inventix. The project sought to offer a smooth, feature-rich experience for property search, listings, and transactions for agents, homebuyers, and sellers.

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Review Tracker

Review Tracker Inc. contacted to create a set of web and mobile applications that would enable companies to manage online reviews and consumer feedback across numerous platforms. The project’s goal was to give companies a thorough and simple way to enhance their internet reputation.

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Providing users with the ability to search for and reserve available office space, conference space, and co-working spaces in Regus centers throughout the world is a challenge.

Inventix integrated a geolocation system and created a powerful search algorithm that let users identify and reserve rooms based on their present location or stated criteria, including city or facility type.

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Keeping up with a big volume of job postings from numerous sources while preserving data accuracy is a challenge.

To aggregate job posts from business websites, job boards, and other data sources, Inventix created unique data scraping tools and APIs. To preserve data accuracy, deduplication and data validation methods were used.

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Visit London

In order to create a complete mobile application that would act as the best guide for tourists and visitors seeing the dynamic city of London, Visit London contacted Inventix. The app has to create a seamless and interesting user experience while providing information on destinations, events, transit, food alternatives, and more.

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Spare Room

In order to create a smartphone application that makes it easier to identify and rent spare rooms in urban areas. The purpose of the app was to match potential tenants looking for economical housing options with homeowners who have spare rooms available.

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Open Table

To improve user experience and increase their online visibility, Inventix collaborated with OpenTable, a top restaurant reservation network, to revamp and create their website and mobile apps. This case study describes the major difficulties faced throughout the project and how Inventix successfully overcame them.

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Inventix partnered with a forward-thinking company aiming to disrupt the automotive industry with a comprehensive car buying and selling platform. The project’s goal was to create an innovative digital marketplace that would connect buyers and sellers, offer real-time vehicle information, and streamline the car purchasing process. This case study outlines the key design, development, and launch challenges faced during the project and how Inventix effectively resolved them.

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The ambitious e-commerce Karma and Inventix partnership aims to upend the online retail sector. The goal of the project was to develop a feature-rich e-commerce application that would offer customers a seamless and customized purchasing experience. This case study describes the major design, development, and launch issues that Inventix successfully overcame throughout the project.

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Vice, a well-known media organization, and Inventix collaborated to create a feature-rich mobile app that would give users quick access to Vice’s wide variety of content. This case study describes the major design, development, and testing difficulties that were experienced during the project and how Inventix successfully overcame them to produce a fruitful app launch.

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Travel Port

To create a ground-breaking mobile app that would revolutionize the travel experience for both travelers and travel agencies, Inventix teamed up with Travelport, a top technology provider in the travel and tourism sector. This case study explores the project’s major design and development issues and how Inventix successfully overcame them to produce a world-class solution.

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Leading provider of technological solutions Inventix started a revolutionary project with a client in the e-commerce industry. This case study examines the project’s major design and development issues and how Inventix successfully overcame them to produce excellent outcomes.

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