1. Quality and Data Aggregation

Keeping up with a big volume of job postings from numerous sources while preserving data accuracy is a challenge.

To aggregate job posts from business websites, job boards, and other data sources, Inventix created unique data scraping tools and APIs. To preserve data accuracy, deduplication and data validation methods were used.

2. Design for User Experience

Designing an intuitive and user-friendly design that serves a broad user base in many industries is a challenge.

Solution: The UX/UI design team carried out in-depth user research before developing wireframes and prototypes. In order to design a user interface that was engaging and simple to use, user feedback was actively included.

3. Instantaneous Alerts

Giving users instant alerts for new job posts that fit their interests is a challenge.

Solution: Inventix put in place a sophisticated notification system that made use of email and push notifications. Machine learning techniques were used to customize job updates and recommendations.

4. Security and User Authentication

Implementing secure user authentication and protecting delicate user data is a challenge.

Solution: User accounts now include multi-factor authentication (MFA) and strong encryption. User information was protected by security procedures, such as data encryption and routine security audits.

5. A monetization plan

Creating a monetization strategy that matched user value and income generation was a challenge.

For a solution, Inventix created premium subscription plans that give job seekers access to advanced job matching, expedited application review, and an ad-free user experience. For enhanced visibility, employers were given access to premium job advertising alternatives.

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